Wednesday, July 4, 2007

today is independence day!
Alex had to work all day so I got to play in my craftroom!! yah! I only had to take a break when he called me because he ran out of gas, right by the park where I was hoping to not go to today:
there is a big party in the park and everyone in town goes. I just felt like being a hermit today...

here are some artist trading cards (ATCs from here on out) I made, I am hoping to swap the 2 with the ladies in denver at the real life swap :) the other 4 are for a wonderful work of whimsy swap on I send 3 and receive 3, one is a hostess gift for the person doing the swap! I used rubber stamps, colored pencils, silver paint pens and silver embossing.... As you can tell, ATCs are my new obession, they are sooo fun to make. I have many different styles I like to make but I really
love love love vintage stuff. like the lady's faces on the reproduction fabric. The writing on the fairy ones are hard to read, the one says "defy gravity" because I was listening to the Wicked sound track today as I was crafting.
-kmmm- auntie curly

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